Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was fortunate enough to get a couple weeks in Seattle working at 'Sucker Punch' on the upcoming "Infamous 2". A big shout out to my boy Billy for making this happen! Up there I got to visit my old Blue Sky partner in Crime Tom Saville at Bungie, and Aaron Halifax at Valve. Great people and studios. I also got to meet one of my current AM students, Nathan Comes. Good times. Now continuing the prolonged vacation, heading back to Tahoe, then Japan to snowboard Hakuba, and then a visit to Hawaii Animation Studios in April. After that I shall be working hard all summer on "Uncharted 3" at 'Naughty Dog'. Looking forward to it.

Gas Works Park
Yosemite below!

In house mocap suit for reference at Sucker Punch!

Nathan and I

Space Needle

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