Monday, December 6, 2010


Phew! Time for vacation! After finishing up on Rio Dec 1st, I plan on splitting the next 4 months between my beach apartment in LA playing beach volleyball and doing random things like mud runs. and my friends place in Tahoe to get some snowboarding in, then in March I'm off to Japan. After that a new animation venture will await me. Going to do some life drawing and keep teaching on Animation Mentor in the meantime to keep the creative juices flowing. Spent last Saturday with my good friend Geoff Wheeler volunteering to draw cartoons for kids at the Ronald McDonald camp.

Drawing for the kids

Learning to Surf

Mud Run fun

Beach sunset 2 blocks from my apt.

Palos Verdes

Mulhulland Dr.


avneriginal said...

Nice one J, where is the next animation venture?

Lucy said...

Didn't know you are a blogger. and that you're traveling the world. I am impressed. Thanks for volunteering, the kids and staff really appreciated it!
Hope to catch you around again, someday.