Thursday, December 4, 2008

Small world...

Early one October morning we were exploring a tomb along the Nile, when out of the blue, some guy grinning ear to ear came running up to Anthea, who was right next to me. It took a few seconds to recognize him, but sure enough, Mr. Bobby Beck himself was there with us. He was on vacation as well and happened to be at the same ruin at the same time. In Egypt of all places! Small world.


Goofing of at Illion studios in Madrid with some of my new coworkers. A bunch of former and current AMers working here on Planet 51. Martin Esnaola, Jorge Vigara, Diego Supervia, Anthea Kerou, Gustavo Calle, Alberto Corral, Pako Baqur, "Tote", Terry Reilly, myself, and the evil Julio Lorenzo.

The Bond villain himself, Julio.

Egypt & Jordan

After Greece hopped a jet to Egypt and Jordan for three weeks of ancient ruins and Red Sea diving. Camels with bad teeth posed for phot. Got lost in the desert of Petra and took a ride in a hot air baloon over the valley of Luxar. Swam and cruised the Nile, and ate most of everything...besides the chilled monkey brains.

Rose city of Petra, recognize it Indy fans?

Wadi Rum desert. Where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed.

Cliff jumping in greece

A 50 foot drop into the warm waters of Corfu!

Snorkling is fun with a waterproof camera.


Greece! After leaving Rio and enduring ten flights in four days. I flew home through Peru and Mexico, to NY for a quick visit to Blue Sky then home to Wisconsin for a quick repack. Then back to NY, off to Dublin, London, and finally landing in Corfu Greece. There I met my new awesome and travel partner and former AMer Anthea! We proceeded to travel around the Greek islands for the next month. Corfu, Kefalonia, Santorini, Mykonos, Paros and of course Athens. What a trip. And the food was even better then the views.

Leaping around the maze of Mykonos town.

Gazing at Corfu town.

Sitting at the Acropolis in Athens.

The train doors open quick in Athens.