Saturday, March 14, 2009

The final weeks...

My five months in Spain are almost over! I'm down to 2.5 more weeks here at Ilion Animation Studios, and the movie is just about finished in animation. The film is looking great despite the crazy schedule, thanks to some of the talented people working here. Next week I am heading to London to visit a few Studios there, then I return to the States. I will miss Madrid and all my awesome international friends, but hopefully someday I shall return. Here are some of the folks who are working, or pretending to, in the animation dept. As you can see, its quite a cultural mix here at Ilion....

The Stein from Norway

Abraham-ham-ham from Spain

Harmut the wise and witty German

Ramero from Argentina

Andrew the Scott or Brit or Welsh or - whatever

Marco the deadly Italien

Yannick from France

Hugo another crazy German

Wampaa from Hoth

Terry the Irish rover

Pepe and Andrew, helping Harmut, or causing problems?

Dani the laughing Spaniard


Bobby Beck said...

So what's next for the Traveling Mentor? :)

Bobby Beck said...

Ps. I added you as a link off my blog. WOOT!

Daniel Huertas said...

Great stuff Jason... I am looking forward for this movie.. it looks pretty good.

I am surprised that at Ilions they work with 3dsmax though.. not that it is bad.. it's just that the feature film industry is sooo Maya/XSI oriented... but at the end the software is just a tool :P

when the travelling mentor would be around quebec city? it would be great to meet you man.. Patrick Beaulieu talked about you on his new magazing project.. looking forward to read that as well.

all the best! :D