Saturday, February 7, 2009

A visit with Sergio Pablos!

I recently had the honor of visiting Animagic and got to see a real 2D studio still in action! They are doing mostly commercial work, but have a feature coming in and are boarding some short films they will do in in the realm of 3D. Sergio was so laid back and cool, and showed us some of what he has been working on. Not only is he one of the top animators in the world, he has a great mind for character development and story, I wish him all the best and would love to work with him someday. Love to see those pages flipping! Thanks to Hugo for setting up the meeting!

And of course I have been working away on Planet 51. We are getting pretty busy and now entering our last couple months of production. Less then 25% left to animate! The animation is looking good and I think people will enjoy it. Hopefully the weather warms here in Madrid soon, its been an abnormally cold winter as you can see....

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CANTrow said...


I have a question for the tips and tricks blog. Do you think it would be legit to put an animation on your demo reel that was still in the blocking stage? And, just mention it as a work in progress?