Thursday, January 16, 2014

Writing is hard

I have been doing some writing recently and am enjoying the creative process and excited about coming up with a new world and characters. It started out just for fun but now I am hoping that I can build on this and make it turn in to something tangible in the real world. I have reached the point now where I need to get advice and help of others who I respect. Excited and hopeful I can keep this up.

As far as work, I have started working on an untitled Microsoft One game at Black Tusk Studios. Everyone here is great and I am enjoying it. I just started up life drawing again and am applying for Canadian residency. Ski season is upon us and it is starting to snow. Spent X-mas break in Kauai, which was great, and have continued doing Animation Mentor.

I had a fun summer job working on MITO for AMD. It was a tech demo for CES featuring animated monsters playing music in an orchestra. Great to work with Amir and Hugo on that and looking forward to posting some of that soon!

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