Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cloudy 2 is out!

I spent 5 glorious months animating on this fantastically funny film, and encourage anyone who likes silly animation and goofy or uber cute characters (as you can see below) to go enjoy it themselves. The few months since leaving Sony have been spent doing freelance, enjoying an amazing summer in Vancouver, and catching up on some important video games, like The Last of Us, an equally amazing project I am very sorry not to have been part of. But luckily I was part of this crazy Cloudy film! Huge thanks goes out to all the awesome peeps and the sups and leads that helped me make these shots what they are; Hugo, John, Josh, Tim, Kevin, Alan, Pete, Bianca, Brandon, Avner, IT and everyone else who gave great advice and reference.

Cloudy 2 Crunch Time Beard Team!

My professorial look

Animate quickly! What?

10 Vistas hike 

Kingston Lake 

 Lions hike

 Vancouver after a storm

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