Thursday, October 8, 2009


Nothing like being unemployed when you have a job in London lined up in a few weeks. My time off has been spent with family and friends. I spent fantastic weekends in Puerto Rico, and Chicago. Friends from Blue Sky, Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM and others all gathered for Dave and Jess's awesome wedding. And I managed to get a few more days of surfing in sunny SoCal. Which I will miss in the UK.

Blurring the Chicago skyline at night with Blue Skiers

Me, Wes (ILM) Mark (Pixar) and Greg (BlueSky) take a ride

My amigos!

Lots of (awesome) animators.

Puerto Rico underwater

Best beach ever.


1 comment:

avneriginal said...

Looks like you had an awesome break J, nice work man!
Best of luck with the new job in the UK, I am sure you will kick butt.

Have a good one.