Monday, August 18, 2008

Boliva Salt Flats

I celebrated my 29th birthday on the spectacular Sal De Uyuni. But pictures do not do it justice. The sense of endless space, the stars at night and the silence was uncanny. We spent 3 hot days followed by frigid nights, without changing clothes or showering, passing endless desert, train graveyards, volcanos, gysers, green red and blue lagunas filled with pink flamingos, and amazing rock formations.

Snickers bar 'cake' on a deck of cards with 4 human candles.


daphne_vision said...

Really cool the pics with the human candles! Nice Blog!!!

slonce7 said...

How the heck did you get or did the pics with pringles, etc?

I may have to do my own travel blog, but I think I am too lazy...haha


Tiago said...

Illarious I have some pictures like these of my own for a trip I did to Salinas Grandes in Jujuy, Argentina a year I had a furnished apartments buenos aires rent by my employers. I supposed that we all tent to do the same effects when we are in these kind of places haha